That’s me!

Maybe there’s some Stickman fans out there?? Perhaps it’s a book from your childhood or you caught it as a Christmas special when you were stuffed from your dinner and half asleep on the couch?? With three young kids, it’s a hit in our house.

Stick Man ends up in all sorts of places, with people and animals thinking he’s something he’s not.

“I’m not a mast for a silly old flag or a sword for a knight or a hook for a bag”

But, Stickman knows he’s not any of those things. Stickman knows who He is.

“I’m Stickman, I’m Stickman, I’m Stickman, that’s me!” 

There are so many voices; people, media, society, celebrities, influencers, the lady at the checkout, even our family and friends. Everyone has an opinion, but does that mean you have to take it on? The voices around us, even the well-meaning ones, can contribute to how we feel about ourselves. 

“I’m not good enough”

“I’m ugly”

“I’m useless”

It can be hard to block out the noise of negativity or the comparisons that we make between ourselves and others. Before we know it, we can be heading in all sorts of directions. Maybe those voices are very hard to escape from. They might be at home, in school or on your phone.

Listen and respect those that care about you, but take time to weigh up what’s good, healthy and true. Be brave with your head and heart. As much as you can, choose to have positive, helpful voices in your life. 

God’s voice tells me:

“You are wonderfully made”

“I have created you”

“You have hope”

And those words are for you, too.

Kate is Centre Director for Liverpool Youth for Christ.

Wonderful young people, check them out on Instagram @liverpool.yfc and on Facebook for staff and parents @LiverpoolYouthForChrist

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