Time for the one…

I’ve been thinking recently about love. Love is something that we talk about pretty casually: ‘Oh, I love coffee’ ‘Love that band’ or ‘Love chocolate’ 

Even in the church we hear it all the time and we hear the well known verses like John 3:16. 

We hear it, but do we know it? Do we believe it? Do we remind ourselves on days when we feel rubbish and like we are not worthy that we are loved by a king? Do we believe it about ourselves? That we are loved, completely and unconditionally or is it just something we hear and let go over our heads. 

This unconditional love has the power to change how we see ourselves and change our circumstances. 

Throughout the Bible we read of Jesus’ love for the one, of Jesus taking time out for the one. 

Showing love to the woman at the well who had a past that she and others deemed unworthy of love, the woman caught in adultery who found herself publicly ashamed, Zacchaeus a man who had no friends and was stealing, for the woman with the issue of blood who had been isolated because of her physical health for twelve years and for the little girl whose dad was desperate for Jesus to come and heal her so that she would live. 

In a time where all of these people needed Jesus and His time, He was there, He showed up and He had time, He had love for them. 

Let’s look at those last two examples a little bit more; we read about these two people desperate for a miracle in Mark 5:21-43. 

Jesus has already been out all day, teaching parables, healing people he’s been busy.  He is finally in the boat and once he gets to the other side, what is he greeted with? A massive crowd.  And he is greeted by this desperate father, you can read it here https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mark%205%3A21-43&version=NIV  

In a massive crowd, already on His way to heal someone, already busy, Jesus stopped. This woman was desperate. According to Leviticus, this woman was unclean and not only was she unclean, everything that she touched became unclean. We can only imagine the isolation that this woman experienced for 12 years of her life. Isolated from her family. Like a leper she is shunned because of her uncleanliness. 

She has gone from doctor to doctor, spending her money, desperate for a remedy. Then Jesus passes through. Hope passes through. And desperate for healing, desperate to not be unclean or to be isolated, she fights her way through the crowd and she touches the hem of his garment because she thinks – if I can just touch his coat, just a thread, I will be healed. 

But Jesus stops, He talks to her, He sees her. He calls her daughter, He makes her known, Jesus who is already going to heal the little girl stops and He heals her. But more than that He names her, He takes the time for the one, for the one who is desperate and isolated and He loves her. Jesus’ love for this woman changes her life.

And while this is all happening, word comes that the little girl has died and they tell Jairus to stop wasting Jesus’ time. 

But Jesus has time for this little girl. He has time for the one, and He goes and He wakes up the little girl, He heals her. 

Jesus has time for the one

To love the one, to spend time with the one, to heal the one. 

Jesus has time for you. 

To love you, unconditionally with an everlasting love, to spend time with you, to heal you. 

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