You are invited…

As Christians, the reality of being friends with Jesus means that we are doing things together.

When I ask my children to help clear up, I’m not expecting them to pick up every single thing (Wooo! That’d be great!) but I am wanting them to be part of it. When they join in with the cooking, I’m not expecting them to make the whole meal.

As part of our 100K YOUR WAY fundraiser in October, our team each completed…you’ve guessed it – 100K! A team member’s young son ran alongside his Dad for the last couple of K. Would his Dad expect him to run the whole distance? Of course not! But how fun to do it together! And how encouraged and loved the son felt to be part of it.

Jesus invites us to be part of something bigger than ourselves and, the great thing is, He invites us just as we are and with what we have. Just like the disciples in their varying ages and stages of life, we too are invited to follow. We’re invited to be part of the story.

The Bible says that Jesus gave the invite, the answer, the instruction “Follow me” a number of times. Our yes doesn’t bypass the challenges on the way. But His ‘Follow Me’ says “Come as you are, come with what you have. In your mess, in your lack. In your high flying and living your best life. With your questions and wrestling. With your doubts and as you’re working things through. In your successes and failures. Come to me and come with me.

You know, one of Jesus’ closest followers – Peter, denied Jesus three times. Did he strike out or did he get to try again? There’s always another chance with Jesus, and another and another…

In Luke 23, the criminal who was put to death on the cross next to Jesus, turned to Him and, with some of his last breath, simply asked to be remembered. Jesus replied “Truly I say to you, today you shall be with Me in Paradise”

What about all those that came with their questions, their anger, their sickness, their lack? He was ALWAYS there and willing, with arms wide open, whatever their situation or circumstance. With or without.

And what about me? You? Whoever we are, whoever we’re not. Whatever we have and whatever we don’t. It’s the same Jesus today.

by Kate Yates (Centre Director for Youth For Christ)

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