The Waiting Game

What do you wait for? The kettle to boil…the Amazon delivery…your sister to get out the shower…the queue to move…your band’s next album…your mate to DM you back, like yesterday?!

The night to end…the night to begin…your show’s next episode…oh wait, nearly everything is on demand and we binge watch it until 2am….so not that so much!

For all of ‘this’ to be over…for health…for peace…for calm…good news…a result…a reply…a sorry…something to ‘just happen’?

Rewind back in time to your 4 year old self . ‘Are we nearly therrrrre yet?’. I have a 4 year old, so that question is asked frequently. Said 4 year old also takes half an hour to put on one sock!!

What are you waiting for?

My patience isn’t great at the moment and I know it’s something I need to work on. Counting to five, some deep breathing and moving on are some tips I should take on board for myself. Waiting can be hard. And with everything that is still going on across our country and our planet, it’s no wonder so many of us are restless and tired, worn out and frustrated.

But, God is with us.

He is with us in the quiet. In the loud. In the ‘when will this all end?’ Here’s there in our questions and he’s there in our frustrations. We might want something to be over or we’re waiting for something to get started. He is in the waiting and I’m so glad to not have to wait alone. Some days are really hard. Some situations seem impossible. In every season and circumstance, I am trusting in God and I know He is near.

from Kate Yates (Youth for Christ)

Two songs that could be a really encouraging listen for you right now are:

Liverpool Youth for Christ are over on Instagram for you wonderful young people @liverpool.yfc and on Facebook for you fantastic parents and staff @LiverpoolYouthForChrist

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