The Blue Boomerang

A big thank you to Kate who wrote today’s blog post just before going on furlough.

Do you ever wish that when you have a decision to make, there could be something glaringly obvious that happens so that you know which path to take? “Yep, this is what I’m meant to do” or maybe it’s a “No, definitely don’t do that”.

When I was in my teens, I was part of a church youth group and I always remember one of our Youth Leaders saying. “Don’t you just want a blue boomerang to fly through the room so you know God’s saying “Yeah, go for it!?” I thought it was a funny thing to say, but it came up a few times over the years. When we were faced with tough times, choices or things we needed to plan for, we would often refer to the blue boomerang. It was our way of saying “God, I would really like you to make it totally obvious that this is the right thing to do”. Do you ever wish you could hear God? Believe it or not, some people do hear His voice!

Years on, I still have blue boomerang moments but I’ve also been on a journey learning more about who I am and learning more about who God is (the learning will never end!). I’ve been learning to understand what my strengths and weaknesses are, my talents, my good points, my bad points, things that are out of my comfort zone and things that I can do really well. I’ve been learning that sometimes I just have to go with my gut. Sometimes I’ll need to make a decision, even if I don’t know exactly how it will turn out.

I’ve learnt that I won’t always hear God’s actual voice, have a light bulb moment or see the blue boomerang. However, I’ve also learnt that God is always around and always loves me even if I don’t quite ‘get it right’, if I miss the boat or I just go ahead and do the opposite of what would be best at the time. I’ve learnt from mistakes and I’ve learnt from successes. I also understand that God didn’t make me to be a robot; He made me with free-will and the ability to choose. 

The Bible describes God in many ways but the references to God describe someone who speaks and who is heard, someone who does something, who is visible and who is available to us. He’s known as a still small voice. He’s seen in creation. He does things of wonder. He is both mystery and certainty. He is assurance and comfort. He is loud. He is peace. 

As decisions come our way, the big and the little and everything in between, as we choose, as we deliberate, as we buy for time, as we’re presented with an overwhelming amount of options and as we’re faced with little to pick from, we can ask God for the blue boomerang – who knows, it might fly by! Or, it might be a peace we feel,  a message we read, a scripture from the Bible or something else. I might not feel anything but I know He is there and sometimes (actually, most of the time!) I know I’ve got to make the decision myself,

Does that help me choose between Cookie Dough or Fudge Brownie ice cream? No. But maybe you could help me with that one – what would you choose??

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