Lessons from Lockdown

As I am now taking a break over the summer holiday period, Lydia and Kate wrote some blog posts for us prior to their going back on furlough. In today’s post, Lydia helps us to reflect on what the “new normal” could look like for us.

There is no question that this has been a strange and, at times, a difficult time. But I think it is important to remember that it hasn’t all been bad. There have been moments of joy and it has been a time where we have had no choice but to slow down. So my question to you is what are you going to keep, as lockdown eases and we return to a new normal and what will you take with you from lockdown? 

We have seen communities come together like never before, neighbours checking in on one another, doing shopping for people who had to isolate themselves. People became kinder, showing random acts of kindness to friends and family and even strangers. 

Families have come together and spent a lot more time together, talking, sharing food, playing games. We have discovered new ways of connecting with friends and family and made an effort to keep those connections up. 

We clapped for the NHS appreciating more than ever our health services and frontline workers. We have homeschooled and come to really appreciate our teachers and all that they put into our children and young people.

We have had a slower pace of life, more time to sit and reflect, less time commuting, less time filling our diaries to the brim. That rest and slower pace has given our brains time to refresh. 

So what will you take forward? On the way back to a normal or a new normal let/s not forget to appreciate our teachers and front line workers – and show that appreciation. Let’s stay connected to our communities, looking out for the vulnerable and the isolated. Let’s make time for friends and family. Let’s keep making time for our brains to refresh, leaving moments in our weeks where we can enjoy a slower space. Let’s not rush to a new normal and forget all the lessons that we have learned during lockdown.  

Because I think if we take forward these lessons from lockdown, we will have a happier new normal with space to breathe and a new normal where no one feels isolated or alone. 

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