Isolated but not alone

Lydia has written today’s blog post. She has been furloughed by her organisation and wrote this blog before her furlough started. We will miss her input over the next number of weeks and look forward to when she can get blogging again!

As I wrote in my last blog, lockdown has at times felt like being on a roller coaster of emotions. Every week, sometimes every day, brings different emotions, some happy emotions and some that bring sadness, fear and worry. But as I look back at lockdown so far, in the midst of these hard times, I see moments of joy, moments of people helping one another, moments of kindness and generosity. 

In this time of self isolation people are reaching out to loved ones and members of their community. Offering services, sharing resources, showing their gratitude for our health and social workers. This week I have had two cards from friends just saying that they are sending love and prayers and those cards have brought so much joy into my life. 

I was recently talking to another youth leader who said ‘although we are socially distant, the connection remains’. In this season we are in isolation but we are not isolated. Communities of all shapes and sizes are coming together in a way they haven’t before and connecting with each other; people have each other’s back. 

Wouldn’t it be great for this to continue once this pandemic is over? What if communities continued to come together, continued to lend a helping hand, that random acts of kindness remained and we looked out for each other so that no one needs to feel like they are alone?

Dr Vivek Murthy describes loneliness as a global pandemic that affects people in every age category. But we can play a part in tackling this pandemic. 

The Bible tells us  in John 13:34, that we should love as God has loved us. This is how we can tackle loneliness and isolation. 

This can be as simple as sending a text, ringing someone or sending them a letter – everyone loves a bit of happy post! So who can you reach out to not just during this time but after this pandemic is over? Who can you send some joy to? 

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