Peace, be still.

This morning’s post has been written by Lydia from Youth for Christ. Thank you so much Lydia!!!

There is a story from the Bible I have been thinking about a lot recently. It’s the story of Jesus calming the storm and it is found in the Gosepel of Mark, chapter 4:35-41. You can read it here: 

In this story we find the disciples in the midst of a storm and they are really scared. A lot of the disciples had been fishermen so they were used to sailing and probably had faced storms before but this storm is so wild and fierce that they are scared. It is unlike any storm they have faced.

 As I read this it struck me that we also are facing a storm that is unlike any storm we have faced before and maybe, like the disciples, we are scared of what this storm will bring – the uncertainty that the storm brings, the destruction and grief that may come with this storm.

Maybe we also find ourselves, like the disciples did, questioning if Jesus even cares about the storm that is going on around us. Where is God in this pandemic and why isn’t He doing something about it?

But, as we read in the story, Jesus was still in control and with just a word he calmed the storm. And he can do the same in our lives. With just one word he can calm the storms in our lives.

Whether the storms come to a stop or not, we can trust that Jesus is always with us. The Bible tells us that he is never going to leave us or forsake us, that is a promise that he makes to us.

I have been listening to these two songs a lot during the past few weeks and reminding myself that the peace that is talked about in the Bible is the same peace that I can have today and, even in the midst of a pandemic, I can be safe in the knowledge that Jesus is still in control and his peace is my peace.

I really encourage you to listen to these songs and hold onto his peace today. We must not forget; the Bible tells us in 1 John 4:18, that God’s perfect love casts out fear.

The next blog post will be on Monday, June 1st.

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