When you can’t see the way ahead…

I am very lucky to have a wonderful organisation called Youth for Christ support me in my work as chaplain in Maricourt. Two fantastic youth workers, Kate and Lydia, come into the school every week and befriend, support and encourage the students who come to our chaplaincy office and groups. I would be lost without them. Lydia has written this really encouraging post for today’s blog piece. Thank you Lydia!!

Hi my name is Lydia and I work for Liverpool Youth for Christ, as a part of my job I have the pleasure of working alongside Ken and Sister Teresa, and it is a pleasure to write some pieces for the blog.

We are living in very strange and uncertain times, and some time ago I was tasked with sending some encouragement to my young people at church and I was a little bit stuck. What do you say to young people whose world has been turned upside down? For some of them their education had come to an abrupt end. Some of them don’t know what their next steps are going to be, so what can I say to encourage them?

I had been reading Exodus 13 from verse 17 to chapter 14 verse 14, you can read it here:

In this passage the Israelites have just left Egypt, where they had been slaves for hundreds of years. They were finally free, but the Egyptians were after them and wanted to capture them and enslave them again.

There are a couple of things that caught my attention as I was reading this, that I thought was very relevant for this season.

Verse 17 says that God didn’t take them on the normal, easy and quickest route, God took them a different way than they were expecting. Sometimes God does that with us, and in these current times it might feel like God isn’t taking us on the path that we were expecting him to take us on. For some of our young people, their education has come to an abrupt end, and for all of us life is really strange at the moment, it is easy to think ‘ I don’t have a clue where God is leading me!’ but as we read on throughout the passage we see that God never left the Isralites and He was always guiding them, and that is true for us today. God is still guiding us and is still with us.

We see this in verse 21 and 22; the Lord went ahead of them and didn’t remove the pillar. God is constant and even in this time He has gone before you, He is beside you and He will always be with you. I want to jump down to chapter 14 and look at verses 13 and 14. The Israelites were face to face with their enemy and they are told to not be afraid because God would rescue them. In the midst of uncertainty they were told to not be afraid and to stand still and watch God rescue them. Then verse 14 goes on to say that the Lord himself will fight for you – just stay calm.

God wasn’t asking them to do anything but to be still, stand still and watch him rescue them. In Psalm 46:10 it tells us to be still and know that He is God. And we find ourselves in a time where the government is asking us to be still and this time can be a great time to spend time with God and to seek Him through all this uncertainty.

Verse 14 tells us that the Lord himself, the King of Kings, Creator of all, will fight for us. God will fight for you, He is faithful and will come through, all we have to do is stay calm.

In these strange and uncertain times, we can hold onto that promise that God is with us and is going to fight for us; all we need to do is be still.




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