Finding time again…

Everyone’s situation will be different. But despite this, the next coming weeks and months will provide us with more of something that we often lack – time. No doubt we still have work to do but there is no doubting the fact that we will also have more time to spend in our loved ones company.

Could what is happening lead to change in how we work and rest? Will it help us to realise that we have lost what the Jewish people hold so dearly – Sabbath rest. Will this time show up more clearly the relentless rat race that we buy into as a society? Even the global climate is experiencing somewhat of a rest in terms of a reduction in pollution which is benefitting the environment and animal habitats.

Maybe the above reflection could form part of our prayer today – Lord, amidst the fear and sadness that this virus is causing around our world, may we also see with open eyes; new possibilities and opportunities to connect with each other and our world so as to bring healing where it is so deeply needed. Amen

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